Classic Menthol Salt Nic by I Love Salt 30ml


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Classic Menthol Salt Nic by I Love Salt 30ml

I Love Salts Classic Menthol Salt Nic is the ideal nic salt for vapers that use to smoke those menthol cigarettes. Unlike those cigarettes, this flavor has no smoke and none of the other harmful chemicals. Just a cool minty taste that will have you feeling invigorated while your cravings are satisfied.

I Love Salts-Classic Menthol is both tasty and brisk, offering up a sensational and refreshing burst that can be felt with each inhales and exhales.

I Love Salts Classic Salts Menthol comes in a 30ml bottle with a nice smooth and light throat hit thanks to its even blend.

size: 30ml

nicotine: 25mg & 50mg

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