Fat Boy Nasty Juice 60ml -3mg


  • Flavor Profile: Mango and Mint
  • VG/PG: 70/30


Fat Boy Nasty Juice 60ml

Fat Boy Nasty Juice 60ml vape juice is a unique blend of amazingly sweet mango with a hint of cool mint for a tropical vape experience. Do you fantasize about exotic beaches and tropical fruity cocktails?  Fat Boy vape juice from Nasty Juice is here to uplift your spirits into a state of pure bliss. Each inhales and exhales satisfies the tongue with a cocktail of tropical fruity flavors. Fat Boy e juice has the perfect balance between sweetness and tang, ensuring an exhilarating taste that keeps the palate in a state of excitement. Therefore, you must try. Besides, you should stock. In other words, it is what you were waiting for.

Each inhales and exhale of Fat Boy delivers pure, clean fruit flavors that refresh the palate as they wash over the tongue.

Then, a variety of tropical flavors take over, tantalizing you with tangy and sweet flavor notes. On the exhale, sugary sweet mango flavor with a hint of mint satisfies you beyond belief.

If an exotic beach is your idea of heaven, Fat Boy Nasty juice is going to satisfy your sweet tooth’s fantasies. Each puff delivers that tropical flavor, transporting your tongue to fruity paradise.

Package Contents Include:

  • 1 x 60ml dropper bottle of Fat Boy by Nasty Juice

Flavor Profile: Tropical Mango, Fruit, Mint


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