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Gold Leaf Salt Nicotine Green Cader is going to be the classic blend that you have been looking for. Every day you hear about new flavors coming out and they just get fruitier and fruitier. What about something classic that most everyone is familiar with?

Well, now you have Gold Leaf Salt Nicotine Green Cader that is going to give you the notes that you have been searching for. Taking a hit of this vape juice is going to taste as if your mouth is experiencing the chilling winter season.

How is that possible? Who knows, but you are not one to complain, especially when everything tastes so good. That icy sensation is coming from the menthol flavor that is going to be rich and savory.

As you keep savoring the blend, you start to taste the bold tobacco flavor that is going to feel as if several roasted tobacco leaves are quickly flowing into your mouth. The combination of both only increases by the second and if you think that this is all you are going to feel, you have another thing coming.

We have been referring this blend to a salt e-liquid because it contains salt-based nicotine. This will become apparent when you feel the throat hit that these two flavors are going to give you. The menthol is going to make you feel colder and the tobacco is going to make you feel relaxed.

You might even get the nostalgic feeling of the first time you tried this classic flavor and fell in love with it. When you think you are done savoring this blend, you exhale and let everything out.

You are going to get a couple of clouds, but they are probably going to smell like some of the best clouds you ever took a whiff off. How many pulls are you planning on taking?

Gold Leaf listens and now your favorite tobacco line has a menthol/tobacco flavor! The robust taste of tobacco with the hint of menthol will surely keep you wanting to vape it more and more!

Gold Leaf Salt Nicotine Green Cader Available in 30ml.

Available in 30 &  50 MG

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