Mango Grape E Liquid by Nasty Cush Man 60ml




Mango Grape E Liquid by Nasty Cush Man 60ml

Mango Grape E Liquid by Nasty Cush Man Series 60ML is available now here at E Cigarette Empire! Cush Man, made by Nasty Juice, has been crafting quality and delicious e juice for some time, now. The fruity flavors they are able to come up with and replicate are second to none. Mango Grape is one of those flavors that they came out with that I wanted and didn’t even know I did. This flavor is delicious and the grape mango pairing is a knockout!

Upon inhale of this premium e juice, you will taste the ripe mangos and the sweet taste of the grape flavor. The mango dominates the inhale with the grape flavor lingering on your tongue on exhale. The flavor combination is refreshing and perfect for the summertime!

E-Cigarette Empire carries this premium e-liquid in 60ML bottles. The bottles themselves are plastic and yellow and come in a cardboard casing with really cool artwork on them. When I think of Cush Man I always imagine a nice and refreshing vape. The fact that Mango Grape E Liquid by Cuish Man is made by nasty is not much of a surprise as Nasty Juice is one of the biggest names in the industry and for good reason.  They only use the highest quality ingredients in all of their vape products.

  • Flavor Profile: Mango Grape, Low Mint
  • VG/PG: 70/30


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