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Marlboro BLACK menthol IQOS Heets

د.إ400.00 د.إ295.00

Each pack contains 20 Marlboro IQOS Heets tobacco sticks, single carton contains 10 packs of HEETS (200 tobacco sticks)




Marlboro BLACK menthol IQOS Heets

Strength of menthol directly goes to your throat, but cool sensation is almost like “Heatstick Menthol.”

There is no sweetness and miscellaneous taste, so this is very similar to the real Tabaco.

Marlboro BLACK menthol IQOS Heets

After taste is refreshing and satisfying because the odor peculiar to iQOS is also suppressed.

Satisfaction of the Black Menthol is excessively high, so this Heatstick is strongly recommended to people who will newly start using iQOS instead of the Tabacos.


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