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Marlboro Purple Menthol Heets for IQOS

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Marlboro Purple Menthol Heets

1 Carton of heatsticks (10 individual packs of 20 heatsticks)



Marlboro Purple Menthol Heets

Marlboro Heatsticks Purple Menthol offers a uni  que blueberry menthol experience. On inhale, there is a heavy menthol effect with strong blueberry tones on exhale. Perfect for those menthol lovers looking for a fruity twist! There are numerous flavors available in HEETS, Marlboro for IQOS, and HEETS Creation, however, our test subjects found that the most pleasant flavors are the Marlboro for IQOS.

Marlboro Heatsticks Purple Menthol Feature:

  • 1carton(10 packs) 200 Marlboro Purple Menthol Heets
  • Rich refreshing feeling・Rich aroma menthol
  • Imported from Japan
  • *IQOS 「sold separately」 is needed to use HeatSticks.
  • * Do not light HeatSticks with matches or lighters.


  • * Factory Sealed and Unopened *
  • – 1 Carton of Heatsticks (10 individual packs of 20 Heatsticks)

The revolutionary ‘heat not burn’ system gives you that instant nicotine rush while not imparting any of that nasty tar or those harmful carcinogens that are contained in cigarette smoke.



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