VGOD Saltnic Mighty Mint (30ML)


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Mighty Mint Vgod Saltnic

Mighty Mint VGOD Saltnic Mighty Mint is a perfect flavor for those who are more inclined toward the simpler flavors and want to savor a pleasureful chilly frost of minty deliciousness. It’s a refreshing cool mint providing the perfect amount of menthol for an irresistible all day vape!

Packaged in a 30ml Unicorn Bottle and in nicotine strengths 25mg & 50mg. When you inhale VGOD Salt nic Mighty Mint, you’ll enjoy a cooling sensation on your tongue as the flavor of fresh mint crawls across the mouth. A touch of sweetness pleases the taste buds before the mint becomes even cooler on the exhale.

vgod mighty mint salt nic

size: 30 ml

nicotine: 25mg & 50 MG

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