Salt Water Taffy Salt Nic by Ripe Vapes


Salt Water Taffy Salt Nic by Ripe Vapes

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Salt Water Taffy Salt Nic by Ripe Vapes

Enjoy this mouthwatering blend of delicious apple taffy. We assure you it tastes just as good as it sounds. This liquid works in low wattage, high ohm devices exclusively.

Bottle of 30ml.

Available in 30 & 50 mg

Made in the USA by Ripe Vapes

Curious about the difference between Salt NIC and other e-juice on the market? In science terms, Salt Nicotine is a treated form of nicotine that saturates both Nitrogen ports, which neutralizes the adverse harshness of freebase nicotine. In actuality, the naturally grown tobacco plant produces what the industry refers to as Salt Nicotine and not freebase nicotine.

Popularized in pre-filled pod devices, Nicotine salt is the newest technology in Nicotine delivery. Salt Nix is more concentrated than conventional e-liquid and works in low wattage, high ohm devices exclusively.

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