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Secret Sauce Salt Nic Tobacco 30ml

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Secret Sauce Salt Nic Tobacco 30ml

The Secret Sauce Salt Nic Tobacco 30ml flavor line up will not be complete without a tobacco flavor option. The tobacco flavor is quickly noticeable from its smell, you can already tell what it tastes like. The taste will be a pure flavor of tobacco, its taste is similar to the actual drink of tobacco juice. Then adding a good and high amount of nicotine is a big plus for me, throat hit with a 30mg level is good and doesn’t have a strong harsh feeling.

Secret tobacco is a premium blend of exquisitely enriched tobacco with flavorful vanilla ice cream. This exceptional vape liquid assortment will unveil the secrets of tobacco and revitalize your senses to new dimensions.

size 30ml

nicotine 30mg & 50mg

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