VGOD Stig Mighty Mint Disposable Pod Device


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VGOD Stig Mighty Mint Disposable Pod Device

Mighty Mint SaltNic is a refreshing cool mint providing the perfect amount of menthol for an irresistible all day vape! Each Stig comes with 1.2ml of Salt Nicotine E-Liquid. Comes in a pack of three (3). This product is specifically designed with salt nic. The disposable vaporizer accommodates 250 puffs and is meant to be disposed of after the life cycle.

The VGOD STIG is a slim disposable pod mod filled with SaltNic juice for an ultra-convenient and satisfying vape on the go.

The VGOD STIG is a reimagining of the humble cigalike, providing a quick and easy vaping experience with no need to refill, recharge or change coils. The STIG, however, utilizes VGOD’s own SaltNic juice for an unbelievably smooth and satisfying vape. Nic salts are absorbed quickly into the body, which closely mimics the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. This VGOD STIG comes in Cubano flavor, an authentic Cuban tobacco blend with a touch of creamy vanilla.

If you’re looking for absolute simplicity but don’t want to compromise on flavor or satisfaction, the VGOD STIG is the device for you. Each VGOD STIG holds 1.2ml vape juice at a nicotine strength of 6%, which should last around 300 puffs (roughly 20 cigarettes). VGOD STIGs come in packs of 3.

VGOD Stig Mighty Mint Disposable Pod Device Features:

# 6% nicotine strength
# Each STIG contains 1.2ml SaltNic juice
# Contains nicotine salts
# Roughly 250 puffs per device
# Pack of 3
# Flavor profile: Mint


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