Vimto SaltNic 30ml in UAE

Vimto SaltNic 30ml


Vimto SaltNic 30ml  Flavor profile

  • grape, raspberry, blackcurrant
  • Available in 30 & 50 mg


Vimto SaltNic 30ml

The original name for Vimto SaltNic, the famous soft drink from Blackburn, this blended VimTonic fruit Saltnic e-liquid is juicy and has a lasting aftertaste.

Available in 30 & 50 mg

  • Flavor profile: grape, raspberry, blackcurrant

Because we all loved a bit of Vimto growing up, so why not conjure up fun childhood memories with a sweet, fruity-flavored vape that quenches that urge for sugar in a few swifts drags. Perfect for cloud chasers, all V Juice e-liquids produce powerful flavors that bounce on the taste buds before blooming in the air as impressive, big, round vapor clouds.

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